Charles Anthony Alvarez

Author, “A Collection of Southwest Tales: Past and Present”.

Nogales, AZ native, amateur SW historian; loves to research SW locations.

Beverly Bear

Children’s Author. “Strawberry Finds a Home.”

Liz Bernays

Children’s Author. “Saving Pocket,” “The Pocket Book,” and “Just Pocket.”

Tucson, AZ. Biologist turned writer.

Stuart (Stu) Brody

Author. “The Law of Small Things.”

Tucson, AZ. Founder of Integrity Intensive; consultant and speaker on business ethics and public integrity.

Robert Cabot

Author. “The Isle of Khería,” “That Sweetest Wine: Three Novellas,” “The Joshua Tree.”

Patagonia/Washington State. Veteran of WW II and worked for many years in various foreign aid programs around the world. But writing is his first love.

Philip Caputo

Author, Patagonia/Connecticut.

Served in Marines for 3 years, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. Has written 17 books and has won 10 journalistic and literary awards.

Laura Chester

Author, Patagonia/Massachusetts.

Author of many genres, including anthologies, non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, and poetry.

Joseph Ciofalo

Children’s Author, Tubac We carry “The Bright Red Mark” and “Norton and Marvin and Dad and Me”

Joe was an optometrist, a farmer, and a stay-at-home father in Colorado when his two children, Kellie and Andy, were young. It was for them that he began to write children’s stories. After moving to New Jersey, Joe became a 5th-grade school teacher and also worked for the Educational Testing Service. He now lives with his wife, Gretchen, and their dog, Lucy, in Tubac, Arizona and dedicates all his stories ‘for the little ones.’

Linda Jade Fong & Binx Selby

Authors of two books, “How I Grew Younger and Why You Should Too” (2012) and “The BalancePoint Mealplan & Cookbook” (2014)

They are co-founders of BalancePoint Institute (2006), based upon a fundamental belief in the body’s vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Clinics were established in Boulder, CO and Patagonia, AZ.

David Gilmore

Author, Tucson.

He is a historian and former attorney. “Operation Blue Sapphire” is his first novel.

Russ Hanbey

Author, Artist, Tucson.

Russell Hanbey is a Tucson-based writer and artist specializing in repurposed wire and wood representations of Sonoran Desert plants and insects. He is also the author of “Walking on Trees, Views From the Backcountry”, which we carry in the shop.